About Us

We are a Sales organization serving the needs of the winter sports business in New England since 1990. We specialize in winter & summer outdoor activities, selling and servicing products to retail locations throughout the six states of the Northeast.


Due to the competitive nature of the winter sports industry and hunger for new challenges Scott Dawson & John Whitcomb decided to leave Oakley Sunglasses and Marker USA respectively to create Stoneface Sales, that was July 1999. Our goal was to create an aggressive, service oriented, sales group in New England. We are not the prototypical sales representative we offer a level of versatility and organization second to none. We value tenacity, organization and dedication, at the same time making our jobs look easy, fun and something our customers want to be apart of. We have a unique, energetic and fresh approach to sales and customer service in NE. We share the work and focus for the "major" accounts while splitting up specialty accounts by relationships. With our combined experience of over 40 years in the territory, we have both established a great rapport with all accounts. We have a tight group and a dedicated team of six individuals servicing all six states of New England.

Mission Statement:

StoneFace Sales is the conduit between the company and the retailer. This relationship quantifies the differences between a great representative and a marginal one. The level of customer intimacy we achieve defines our sales ability. Our foremost priority is to constantly develop knowledge of the customers and their changing needs. We must offer flawless, effortless and instantaneous performance, which hinges on listening and understanding their business. We must help our customers reach their goals, in doing so they will help us achieve our objectives. We must make extraordinary service the ordinary. It is imperative that the retailer fully understands the products we represent and the culture surrounding them. Our success thrives on this deep connection and lasting relationship.

Stone Face Sales
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Newburyport, MA 
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